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Bring Data to Life With Your People

Harness the power of data to unlock business value. Create a transformative, data-driven culture by retooling your team with cutting-edge skills for practitioners, data fluency for leaders, and more.

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Every business understands the need to be more data-driven, but skill deficits impede implementation. While companies have invested in data and AI, workforce adoption is lagging — a shortage of skilled talent and the reality of data overload, data silos, and misalignment create challenges. Upskilling people into data-driven roles can help build data capacities to mitigate these challenges.

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Data Fluency is for Everyone

Train the entirety of your organization with relevant, cutting-edge data skills that everyone can master — from senior leadership to data specialists, to everyone else for practical, everyday use.


Building a Data-First Culture Requires a True Partner

We partner with organizations to build academies, contextualize programs, and meet business needs — every step of the way — to deliver deep training, continuous improvement, and results.


World-Class Training Created by Experts

Our premium, contextualized programs are built by our extensive network of industry experts and validated by our Standards Board to meet your most pressing business needs and foster sustainable learning.

Innovative Programs for Data-Driven Teams

Evolve from nascent data capabilities in pockets of the business to scaling and embedding data-driven practices across teams. Our best-in-class curricula for practitioners, managers, and leaders spur deep organizational learning and impact.
Explore our enterprise data programs — from data mindset workshops to multi-week reskilling programs — delivered onsite or online, wherever your people are.

Foundational Data Skills
for Every Employee

Give all employees the useful skills they need
to successfully leverage data every day.

Data Analysis On Demand

  • Self-Paced

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  • 30+ Hours

This foundational data skills pathway equips your teams with the processes and tools to identify and communicate data-driven insights using Excel and SQL effectively.

Data Analytics Accelerator

  • Instructor-Led

  • Onsite or Remote

  • 40 Hours

Empower your teams to use popular data tools like Excel, SQL, and Tableau to perform robust analyses, communicate insights, and complete end-to-end data projections for your business.

Data Literacy On Demand

  • Self-Paced

  • 足球竞彩网

  • 7 Hours

Give contributors the foundational skills they need to successfully approach and communicate with data.

Data Analytics Immersive

  • Instructor-Led

  • Onsite or Remote

  • 480 Hours

Reskill talent into junior data analysts through a three-month fully-immersive program. By the end of this training, participants will develop the statistical and mathematical skills necessary to apply data analysis to real business problems. Participants will how to use analysis tools, like SQL, Excel, Tableau, PowerBI, and Python to model and analyze data.

Advance Your
Data-Skilled Employees

Upskill and reskill your employees to efficiently
fill critical skill gaps and roles.

Advanced Analytics Accelerator

  • Instructor-Led

  • Onsite or Remote

  • 60 Hours

Manage the entire Data Analytics Workflow by extracting data directly from SQL databases, creating interactive dashboards with Tableau, and using Python to make my analyses more efficient. Use targeted assessments to measure learner uplift & mastery.

Python Accelerator

  • Instructor-Led

  • Onsite or Remote

  • 40 Hours

Data-skilled employees will learn how to use Python — the preferred language for data scientists — to analyze substantial data sets and complete data projects for your business.

Data Science Accelerator

  • Self-Paced

  • 足球竞彩网

  • 60 Hours

Analysts and engineers will explore machine learning in Python to create predictive models for a variety of business needs and complete a capstone data science project for your business.

Data Science Immersive

  • Instructor-Led

  • Onsite or Remote

  • 480 Hours

Reskill data-fluent employees into full-fledged data science roles through a rigorous three-month program. By the end of the training, participants will be able to wrangle, explore, model, and communicate with advanced datasets and apply machine learning skills to multiple real-world projects.

Data Engineering Accelerator

  • Instructor-Led

  • Remote

  • ~270 hours

Manage the entire Data Lifecycle by learning how to model data and set up relational and non-relational databases; how to use Command Line skills and Operating System basics effectively; and how to configure cloud platforms for the processing and storage of data.

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Our Unique Approach to Your Data 足球竞彩网ation

We meet you where you are: our training is contextualized to suit the needs of your people and your business.

  • Identify

    We assess and diagnose knowledge gaps within your business and employee skill levels to craft the right solution for your company.

  • Apply

    Targeted learner segments take high-impact, job-relevant training — delivered by expert practitioners — to hone their data skill sets.

  • 足球竞彩网

    Employees bring their knowledge back to the business to transform day-to-day work and move your organization toward a shared, data-first mindset.

Explore Solutions in Action

Stories From Our Partners

We create data-first businesses by transforming people first. We work with some of the world’s most iconic brands — including over 40 of the Fortune 100 — to deliver relevant workshops and courses for their employees that cultivate leading-edge businesses.

Booz Allen Hamilton Reskills Thousands


Our proven assessment-led approach is transforming 5,000 Booz Allen Hamilton employees into skilled data scientists.


Booz Allen Hamilton's clients require consultants who can navigate massive amounts of data to produce informative insights. Building this skill set at scale helps the firm compete more effectively, and builds a sustainable talent pipeline.


The firm launched the Data Science 5K Challenge, a reskilling program that uses assessments to pinpoint skill gaps, and places associates in a data analytics or data science course based on their skill profile.

“As data grows, so does demand for this skill and function – we’re accelerating our strength in data science in many ways. Our strategic efforts with 足球竞彩网 Assembly is a key path for scaling these efforts.”

Ezmeralda Khalil Sager,
head of corporate development and strategy.
Quote source: Booz Allen Hamilton, Bringing Booz Allen's Workforce and the Data Science Industry to New Heights.

The Guardian Life Insurance 足球竞彩网ation

Guardian Life Insurance, a premier insurance giant, needed to enable their employees to be data-centric — as quickly as possible.


Guardian Life Insurance is undergoing a multi-year digital transformation to remain an essential player in the life insurance space. To leverage their vast data resources, they realized that they needed to go through a people transformation first.


Guardian partnered with us to determine the relevant skills needed to support their company strategy, assess current employee skill levels, and provide data reskilling and upskilling programs. Three groups of employees were identified who could add the most significant business value with new technology-related skills: marketers, actuaries, and developers. Programs were piloted in 2018, and since have rolled out to larger cohorts with ongoing leadership investment.

“We’re a 159-year old company. Our overarching goal — and the driver behind our transformation initiatives — is to stay relevant to our consumers and partners for another 150 years.”

Gail Kelman,
Head of Learning and Career Development, Guardian Life Insurance
Quote source: GA and Whiteboard Advisors, Rethinking the Build vs. Buy Approach to Talent.

Meet the AI & Data Standards Board

The AI and Data Science Standards Board aims to increase the clarity and access to AI skills and careers, so organizations and leaders can responsibly realize the opportunity of AI.

Data scientists are in high demand, and both employers and individuals will benefit from an objective, scalable way to source talent.

  • team
    Aaron Black

    Senior Director, Scientific Computing - Sema4

  • team
    Ang Sun

    VP of Enterprise Data Science and Cognitive AI - Humana

  • team
    Bret Greenstein

    Consulting Principal, Analytics Insights - PwC

  • team
    Christine Hung

    VP, Data Insights Engineering - Flatiron Health

  • team
    Gretchen O'Hara

    VP, AI & Sustainability Strategy & Partnership - Microsoft

  • team
    John Larson

    Senior Vice President - Booz Allen Hamilton

  • team
    Kevin Lyons

    Senior Vice President, Machine Learning - Nielsen Connect

  • team
    Shri Bhupathi

    Founder - Mill5

  • team
    Steven Longstreet

    Global Head of Advanced Analytics, BI and Automation - Hilton

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